Granite is a top choice for countertops because of its natural beauty and durability.  Granite is an igneous stone so it is extremely heat tolerant (hot pots can be placed right on the surface) and very resistant to scratching and staining.  There are hundreds of colours available at many different price points.  Because Granite is a natural material, the colour can vary from block to block and even slab to slab.  For this reason we always make sure you have viewed full slabs prior to any fabrication taking place.  Granite is naturally porous and for that reason we will apply a 10 year impregnating sealer for no extra charge to ensure the best resistance to staining.  After 10 years, the re-sealing process is a simple wipe on, wipe off process.  

Browse through the pics to get an idea of what's available but remember that the slabs may look different than the pictures and there are many more colours available than what is pictured here!